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We are a Complete Design House


to provide consultancy and develop Projects on Embedded System, VLSI, .Net, Android and Industrial Automation. Our Experts can offer complete solution from preception to completion to production in an efficient manner. 

     We offer complete technical support to Corporate Clients, Industries, Electronics Enthusiasts and Engineering people in the form of complete Project solutions, Components, Demo kits, Prototypes and Source code on any of their project on

    • Android / JAVA /.net
    • VLSI / Embedded System / Robotics
    • Automation / Digital & Analog Electronics
    • Web Application / SEO / SMO / SEM etc.

Ours is the biggest online store

     offering all type of Devices in
  • Passive Components
    • Transistor, Semiconductor and ICs
    • Wire and Connectors
    • Power Supplies, SMPS, Chargers Drivers
    • LEDs, Optoelectronics
    • Controllers, Sensors & Development Tools
    • Project Kits, Spares and Much More For enthusiast as well as regular buyer.


Give us a demo project

 to realise the speed and accuracy with which we develop the code.
We claim to have very fast and efficient team to develop projects on
 .Net, Android and Embedded Systems. See it to believe it!


We are Center for development in following areas :

Oue  engineers are experienced and ready to provide you the best possible solution with their  design expertise in any of  following  hardware architectures and interfaces:

·         Embedded Controllers

·         8/16/32 Bit

·         Analog

·         Sensing

·         Signal conditioning

·         Digital

·         Logic

·         EPLD, FPGA, CPLD

·         High-speed Interfaces

·         RF

·         ISM Band

·         Data Telemetry

·         Power

·         High power (1KW+) systems

·         Smart Battery Monitoring/Protection

·         Solar Charger Design

We can develop Software in any of  following domains

·         Embedded: C, C++, Assembler, Embedded Linux, RTOS with Wind River and non-royalty based Operating Systems

·         Interfaces: Ethernet, CAN bus, USB, FireWire, IrDA, RS-485/232, I2C, SPI, SM bus

·         Network protocols: UDP, TCP, IPv4, IPv6, HTTP, SOAP, RPC, numerous of top-level and custom protocols

·         WEB: HTML, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, Adobe Flash, XML, SOAP, AJAX, CSS

·         Databases: RDMS, SQL, MySQL, SQLite3 (embedded), XML-based

·         Platforms: Windows XP/Vista, Linux, Unix, .NET, Java

·         Desktop applications: VB .Net, C# .Net, C++ .Net, VB6, C/C++, Java